How long have we been involved in selling as is where is for?

We have been actively involved in the purchasing of Properties since 2008.

What do we do with the property once it has been repaired?

Depending on the property we either do one of two things; we hold the property as a rental for long term, or alternatively we offer to the market a fully repaired and renovated property.

Can I get before and after photos of my property after it’s sold?

Yes absolutely, if requested we can provide progress photos, we also offer private viewings once we have completed the project. Most of our clients have had much pleasure in seeing their old homes become transformed. 

If I decide not to sell and repair myself, are you able to put me in touch with the right people to help me?

Yes, If we don’t end up buying your property we can put you in touch with our trusted professionals and colleagues who can assist. Our network is made up of property buyers/investors all throughout the country that may be interested in your property too.

How do you work out what the property is worth?

We take the end value of the property once repaired and insured and work backwards from that deducting all repair costs, and margin. We will provide a formal offer within 48 Hours.

If we sell our property do we have to move out straight away?

No, not at all. We offer flexible settlements, or delayed settlements. We have even rented back properties to owners for longer periods of time. 

Can we have our solicitor look over the contract before we sign anything?

Yes, in fact we advise that you have your legal council approve the agreement before you sign. We also include a “Sellers solicitors approval” clause in every agreement form for peace of mind.

Do we have to pay any fees or commissions?

No, no fees or commissions on the sale. Initial chat and basic advice given is complementary. If you choose to engage with us on a long term consultation then fees will incur.

Can you just give us an idea of what you would be willing to pay for our property?

We can, our process is simple. All we need is to look over any reports you have on your property followed by a site visit then we can provide you with a comprehensive appraisal. 

Our property is NOT As Is Where Is, are you still interested?

YES we are! If there is an opportunity we will always be interested. Please get in contact with Andrew today!

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