Wondering how the current lockdown conditions are affecting the New Zealand property market and what this means for property sales in NZ? Read on for the answers to your frequently asked COVID-19 property questions from the professional team at Auckland House Buyers.

How Has The COVID-19 Pandemic And Resulting Lockdown Across New Zealand Affected The Property Market? 

Right now it’s pretty slow out there. What we saw during the first lockdown was the majority of New Zealand is getting used to the reality which is being at home for just over six weeks. We have also seen the emergence of the hardcore vendor and the hardcore buyer.

So we’ve got two groups here, one who really needs to sell and one who really needs to buy. But at the end of all this, and there is an end, we do need to remember that, we still have a housing shortage. Even more so now because nothing is getting built. And on top of that we have the lowest interest rates we’ve ever seen. So that is also creating a perfect storm for great property market once we all get out of our bubbles again.

How Are We Adapting To The Lockdown? 

The lockdown is a really interesting time for any business not just real estate, however some of the best gifts come badly wrapped. So what we’re doing is really making an opportunity out of this situation and that’s by means or trimming out the fat from our business. There’s a lot of unnecessary tasks that we’ve been doing.

So what we’re doing, we’re changing a little bit how we do business because the only way we can do business is from the four walls of our house. We are now 100% virtual. We have sellers calling us up, taking us on a virtual walk-through of their properties. We are adapting and being as flexible as possible. So a lot of our business now is educating our sellers on the opportunities and options they still have in the marketplace.

Following the virtual walk through and in addition to receiving all of the relevant reports we can currently turn an offer around with 12 hours. So far this system has been a great way to continue business. So far in the lockdown we have confirmed on a couple of properties and have more under contract.

How Is The Public Responding To This New Virtual Way Of Business? 

Along with Auckland House buyers adapting to our new way of life – so is the public! Everybody is in the same boat and everybody is on this journey with us.

What we’re really focusing on now is providing value to our clients. It’s about helping them out, letting them know we’re here to help them. If they are elderly, we’re checking in on them. So we’re really here to help our clients and the wider community as best we can.

Is It Possible To Sell Your House During Lockdown?

Both buyers and sellers understand the situation that we’re in at the moment so it is important to be extra obliging and flexible depending on the situation. The only thing that is holding us up at this point is settlement dates. This is due to moving companies etc. not being able to operate under Level 3 conditions.  

Can You Purchase My House Today? 

Very easily! Contact us to book a time on Zoom so you can walk us through your house and get to know us a bit better and how we can assist you in your situation. We’d love you to point out any features and other points of interest. Following our walk through and receiving the appropriate report, we will come back to you with a formal offer for your consideration. Easy! 

What Is Your Point Of Difference During COVID-19?

We offer a point of difference in three areas. First one is speed. Now that we’re in self isolation, we are in the office 24/7. We can get an offer to one of our clients within 12 hours. We do drive by assessments and we do video call walkthroughs of the properties.

We’re offering distance and certainty. We are private buyers. We buy in cash, we buy direct from seller, and that’s what we’re offering, that’s our point of difference right now. So we’re working with a lot of sellers at the moment who need to sell and now may be the time for them and we’re here to service them. And that’s our number one priority.

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