Mortgage Payments

Behind On Mortgage Payments? Here's A Solution

Being behind on your mortgage payments and other debts can be stressful. The stress can often put pressure on relationships and other aspects of your personal and professional life. Mortgagee sales often end with heart’s broken and disappointment. In most cases, it is common for the sale of your house to fall below market value.

Banks in New Zealand will often provide you with a grace period of arrears with your mortgage for up to 2 months, after that period you may be forced into a Mortgagee sale. Other debts such as vehicle, personal, credit cards often bring high interest repayments and penalties for late payments.

Private selling your home could take the pressure off and clear your debts. As there is no agent commission or marketing fees involved, we can ensure that you’re getting the best price for your property. Once the transaction is completed there is the added pressure of timing your next move. We can help accomodate you through this period by letting you rent back your home for an agreed period, often below market rent for you to be able to comfortably transition into your next phase in life.

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