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Over the last decade of buying houses in Auckland we’ve experienced a lot of customers who haven’t had the best experience dealing with Real Estate agents. Beware of agents who attempt to give you an over valued appraisal just to incentivise you to sign a listing with them. Around 50% of our customers have come back to use our services after an agent with the feedback that the agent left the vendors disheartened that he or she couldn’t deliver on what was promised.

Our buyers do not get paid on commission. This means their main focus is to help you to achieve a fair price and to keep the process as simple as possible. The benefits of selling your property privately means you don’t have to pay any agent commission, marketing fees and no open homes.

Traditionally, when selling you’re faced with disruptions to your daily life like having to move out before you are ready just to meet the purchasers settlement requirements. This can become extremely stressful for many. We provide our sellers with the option to rent back their property from us for 1 month to up to 3 years depending on their situation. In most cases we will also accomodate our sellers by providing them with under market rent.

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