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The benefits of cashing up your property

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Are you looking for less stress and more financial freedom? The Auckland housing market has hit a new high and believe that the rise will not last forever. Many Aucklander’s are now choosing to cash up on their houses to do the following;

Buying your dream home out of Auckland

Many Aucklander’s are now taking advantage of the current market by selling up and moving to cities outside of Auckland. Tauranga is a popular destination for many people looking for value with high quality, large section housing that provides the perfect lifestyle to exit the fast moving city of Auckland.


Have you always wanted to buy your dream car?

Buying your dream car has always just been a dream for many Aucklander’s, but now for many it’s become a reality. With house prices doubling over the last 10 years many home owners have made enormous equity gains. Some of our customers have made equity gains of between $100,000 – $800,000 with their properties. With the current housing market rules tightening up along with the uncertainty of economic markets these gains may not last forever. Due to this reason many of our customers have decided to sell their houses privately to us, enabling them to be financially free from the stress of their mortgage, debt and current lifestyle.


Would you like to own your own boat and batch?

The Kiwi dream consists of 3 key things; the home, the boat and the batch. We’ve been able to help a lot of Aucklander’s achieve this dream by helping them cash up on their houses in Auckland to give them the freedom to own all 3 of these assets in and out of Auckland. Rid yourself of the stress and live the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

Auckland House Buyers has been purchasing property privately for over a decade. The benefits of private selling is that there is no commission or fees charged as we’ve cut out the middle man (Agent), no hassle with no open homes and no unnecessary marketing fees involved. We’ll offer you a fair price and from there it’s up to you whether you want to accept it or not, it’s that simple.