Auckland Housing Is Cheap – Auckland House Buyers

Auckland Housing Is Cheap – Auckland House Buyers

by admin November. 14, 15 3 Comments
Auckland Home For Sale

You will often here Auckland is inflated and overprice and you may be right but this all depends on what you are comparing to.

If we’re comparing to small rural towns then yes Auckland is very expensive but is this really comparing apples to apples?

Auckland is literally the hub of NZ and where most immigrants decide to visit and stay. Now we know why this is.. the job opportunities for one, but also it’s the big city where major events take place and is the place to be whether you want to grab a drink with friends or a bite at the many restaurants to choose from.

Now if we are comparing with other global cities say for example Hong Kong you’ll find that half a million wouldn’t get you very far, instead in would be a shoe box apartment the size of your double garage about 20-30 square meters. Let that sink in for a minute and you’ll realize Auckland is nowhere near as expensive as other global cities.

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